With any business, there always comes a point in time when changes have to be made when it comes to how efficiently the business works and how well it can fulfill the needs of the customers. In most cases this has something to do with the sales channel of a company and what happens when that businesses outgrows that channel and the answer is multi channel sales. Finding the right software can be a difficult task which is why in this article we are going to make a multi channel e-commerce software comparison between two great choices in the hopes of narrowing things down a bit for you.

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The Four Types of Multichannel Retailing

The first option that we are going to discuss is the Sellware software, which is a US-based solution. If you choose to go with this software you will get the benefit of multi channel listing, order and inventory management solutions and you will also be able to get integrations with all of the usual and most popular sales channels. The price isn’t too bad either, starting at $99 per month for a business that processes up to 250 orders. This software is also very easy to use because of its simple design and you will be able to set it up pretty quickly as well. However, when looking at the functionalities of the software overall, there is definitely a number of key things that are lacking that competitors usually offer. These are things like billing, shipping, messaging and so on, so that is something that you should keep in mind.

The second option in this multi channel ecommerce software comparison is SellerDynamic and this is a software that offers customers a very wide range of all of the usual features like inventory management, order fulfillment and management, billing, shipping and messaging, but something that sets this software apart is the fact that is has automated re-pricing for all of the most popular marketplaces that business owners usually go for. The packages start at 20 pounds per month and they are based on the commission on your sales. However, again we have a software that does come with some problems. For example, the commission pricing itself is pretty problematic. If you are a high margin seller, then this won’t be a problem for you, but if you don’t have a lot of sales then this isn’t really an ideal way to pay for the software.

As we said above, finding the right software can be difficult, but definitely not impossible, because after all there are tons of different options out there. Make sure to look at the options in our multi channel ecommerce software comparison above and, hopefully, you will find the perfect match for your business in one of them.